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Aspects of quantitative data analysis

As it is possible to observe, thanks to all the publications that we offer to guide the process of elaboration of the thesis, the treatment of the data goes through several processes. First, they must be collected, encoded and passed on to a database or data matrix before being analyzed. If you have already completed […]

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The choice of a Research Theme Undergraduate, once completed all the curriculum or program and approved the corresponding credit units, is the most crucial step for the desired conferment of the academic title and this is the development of a research or degree work. Let’s call it that way in this context: “Work of degree”, […]

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How to search info for the thesis in libraries?

We do not want to exaggerate, but sometimes students forget that they have libraries in their study houses that may have the books they need to consult for their theses and buy essays online for college. With the overwhelming advance of the Internet, a bookshelf full of books may seem like a thing of the […]

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