The choice of a Research Theme

Undergraduate, once completed all the curriculum or program and approved the corresponding credit units, is the most crucial step for the desired conferment of the academic title and this is the development of a research or degree work. Let’s call it that way in this context: “Work of degree”, this motivated to the denomination, to our understanding, erroneous of “thesis of degree” to this type of assignment in this level of study.

Between both, there are certain theoretical and practical differences that are summarized in the object of study, deepening of the subject and in the applied methods, but in either case it is the production of a written text that highlights the skills attained by the professional future, the nature of the university campus, the processes of teaching-learning of the faculty and the effort of the tutor, that is to say, it is all a joint work.

Call it degree work, thesis or any pejorative qualifier that you want to assign because of your discomfort in meeting this requirement, you can not rule out the various difficulties and demands of its development that make this academic stage a whole cognitive, physical, emotional challenge even spiritual, occasionally causing love ruptures, large investments of money, strong bonds of friendship and the discovery of what you are made of.

This material will be devoted to one of these complexities, as is the choice of the research topic. For this we will define in what level of complexity you are and what you can do in each case.


You are a “something” enthusiastic student who wants to solve all the concerns of life in a single investigation. We suggest you make a list of those topics of interest, put them on the basis of the one that motivates you, choose the three that have obtained the highest rating and decide on the one that gathers the greatest number of these aspects: Sufficient information, similar background, has been approached and approved in your study center, you need an advisor who has mastery over this matter and is available to help you.


This is lack of motivation, spiced up with a bit of mental laziness. In this case, you only have to focus, concentrate and start doing an observation work in which you will see, look and examine something or someone and then establish some points of view about it. Observe with a notebook of annotations the structures, the actions and people of your academic field, of the community where you live, the bus that you take daily, the social networks of which you make uses or the family to which you belong. We are sure that you will find interesting phenomena of behaviors that can be great research topics.


In this state or you conclude that you do not like anything, you are a blank sheet, sedated by drugs and without motivation, you question this procedure saying phrases like: “theses should be eliminated”, because you have not yet understood that the most appropriate denomination is work of grade. In this case, play as forceps delivery, move to level 2 and begin the observation task, including your attitude.

Your own experience, inconsistencies or gaps in situations, the desire to provide solutions to problems, ideologies, economic, social conflicts, the culture of a people, a repetitive phenomenon, a complex situation that deserves resolution are the main search engines to determine a research topic. So if you want to start in this fascinating process, we suggest you have clinical, lynx and eagle eye.

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